With an ever increasing commitment to our environment, we continue to seek more eco friendly alternatives to the conventional construction products and services.  
       Our on site Asphalt reclamation, provides recycling process that not only helps reduce the amount of asphalt disposal, but, in many cases can be a cost effective alternative to a full excavation and removal of an old driveway or parking lot.  Reclamation of old asphalt typically yields approximately 30%-70% of reusable sub-base material, thereby reducing the amount of item 4 needed to be brought back in for sub-base.  A site evaluation can determine if this method is a viable and cost effective option for your driveway/parking lot reconstruction.
       To finish off a green driving surface, you may opt for a non asphalt driving surface option, such as gravel or crushed stone. 

We have become a distributor of TechnoFlex Products so as to offer our commercial clients an alternative to concrete wheel stops & blacktop speed bumps.  Technoflex is a leading manufacturer of recycled rubber speed bumps, wheel stops, weighted bases for traffic control and other recycled rubber products.  For a listing of available products please contact us and we will forward literature & pricing.